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About Us

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The Champlain Valley Down Syndrome Group was formed in 2010 by Steve Boutcher, Lisa DeNatale and Bruce and Elizabeth Campbell. They were seeking a community where they and their young sons, Harrison and Jessie, both born with Down syndrome, could find support and understanding. Since that first meeting, when a small group of families gathered, the organization has grown to include over 90 families from throughout Vermont, as well as upstate New York. Our families are drawn together through our common experiences.

In 2011, the Champlain Valley Down Syndrome (CVDSG) was established as a 501(c) (3) non-profit in Vermont.

The Champlain Valley Down Syndrome Group fosters a supportive community for individuals with Down syndrome and their families. We are friends, parents, siblings, and grandparents. We share our experiences in order to learn from each other. We understand the unique needs of raising a child with Down syndrome.

We support one another.

We support one another, offer friendship and understanding as we share this journey.

Our community welcomes those families who have started down the path, as well as those who can share their wisdom and counsel with others. The Champlain Valley Down Syndrome Group is a resource to anyone who knows or cares for a child or adult with Down syndrome. Our strength is our connection to one another.

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What we do

The CVDSG gathers quarterly to build connections. These gatherings include our annual meeting in the winter, summer picnic, and the Buddy Walk in Burlington in the fall. In addition, members connect for caregiver walks, socials, and a variety of other activities sponsored by the CVDSG. We also have regular communication to learn from one another as we navigate schools, special services, medical needs or simply have a question to gain understanding or new perspective.

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